Elevate Programme

Are you gearing up for a step-up? This programme will help you to foster the mindset, effectiveness and confidence to take your career to the next level.



Self-awareness is at the heart of good leadership. We dig deep to draw out strengths and identify areas to work on, so that you can develop confidence and capability in all key areas. We set stretching goals that will challenge and motivate you, and identify the steps it will take to get you there.


Who are the key people in your life? Who are the stakeholders and who are the ghosts? How are you showing up to the people that count, and how can you change things so that they see you as the leader that you are?


Fundamentally, this is about control. Understanding the areas in which you have influence, and letting go of these that you do not. Learning to step back and cultivate a helicopter view so that you can be visionary in your approach.



Regardless of your specific goals and the results that you generate for yourself,
my promise to you is that you will leave this programme having gained:

Greater clarity of thought, and a roadmap for your future

Greater self-awareness; an understanding of strengths and areas to work on

An understanding of your sphere of influence

Optimised mindset that will set you up for success

Better working relationships; greater compassion for self and others

Greater fearlessness and courage to step out of your comfort zone

Confidence in your authentic leadership style

An accountability partner to help you get things done

Image by Jacqueline Munguía

Helen has proved to be much more than just a coach. She quickly built a rapport with me and her constructive style of approach enabled us to develop a bespoke pathway to suit my character and needs.  She was patient and understanding, allowing me to gain more insight into myself, and to build focus and direction.” 

- Mike, Malta