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So what is coaching, anyway?

And other frequently asked questions


What is coaching?

Coaching is a conversational-based approach that enables someone to get from where they are, to where they want to be. Progress might include reaching a goal, solving a problem, managing a difficult situation or environment, improving performance or creating learning and change.

What's 'Transformational' about it?

Transformational Coaching (the kind of coaching that I am trained in), digs beneath the surface of a challenge in search of its cause; exploring a client’s inner world of beliefs, assumptions, values and expectations, and considering alternatives in order to access greater possibilities. The shifts that can happen in transformational coaching can be deep-rooted and long-lasting.

What ISN'T it?

A way of getting someone else to solve your problems for you!!
Coaching assumes that an individual is creative and whole (ie doesn’t need ‘fixing’), and has the answers within them. The coach’s job is to help them to access and apply them through greater self-awareness.  The coachee is ultimately responsible for the results that they are creating.

And that

Through partnership. This approach leads the coachee to feel a sense of empowerment and personal influence over their life, which is far more effective in achieving long-term results than if the coach were to advise, or tell them what to do.

“Helen is a very talented and skilful coach. Her relaxed manner immediately made me feel at ease. During our six sessions she used a wide range of materials and skilful questioning to get me to think more clearly about my career, core values and achieving a better work/life balance. She is a great listener and was able to clearly summarise key points and ask great questions to help guide me. I found the experience very insightful and it has given me the motivation and impetus to make the changes I need.”

Susan, South-East London