Executive Reboot Programme

Let's get back to basics: who are you and what do you REALLY want out of your life and career?
This programme is designed to help you re-examine your priorities and rekindle your motivation, so you can shape and curate a future for yourself that is rooted in passion and purpose.



We start by stripping things back to their simplest form. Re-evaluating your VALUES, your PURPOSE, your PASSIONS and your PRIORITIES. Getting CLARITY on what’s working in your life and what needs to change.


In this section, we work on your MINDSET. What are the  BEHAVIOURAL PATTERNS, BELIEFS and STORIES that you are telling yourself that might be holding you back from getting what you really want?  We try flipping the narrative, opening up alternative possibilities.


This part is about envisaging a FUTURE that contains everything that you want in life, and MAPPING OUT THE PATH. Supporting you and building CONFIDENCE as you step beyond your comfort zone and TAKE ACTION.



Regardless of the results that you generate for yourself,
my promise to you is that you will leave this programme having gained:

Clarity on who you are and what you want

Understanding of what will bring you success & fulfilment

Awareness of what's getting in your way, and the tools to stop them in their tracks

Optimised mindset that will set you up for success

Goals that are realigned with your priorities

Greater confidence & self-belief

New ways of seeing the world

Space & support to plan for the future

Image by Jacqueline Munguía

“Helen’s approach to coaching was natural, authentic and affirming.  She has the observational skills, empathy and encouragement to facilitate a person to help recognise and explore their situation, giving it clarity when seemingly all focus is lost.  I felt totally at ease with discussing my journey and she gave me the confidence to look forward to my goals.”

- Bernadette, Devon