Executive Support Programme

Let's get you from surviving to thriving.  This programme will help you to clear the fog, regain your energy and focus, and get you back to performing at your very best.



Space allows us to unravel untidy minds; allowing for CLARITY of thought.  We examine your situation through different lenses, gaining AWARENESS of what needs to change, and what you might want to do more of.


Once the clutter is out of the way, we can see more clearly the inner voices that might be messing with your thoughts. We challenge the INNER CRITIC, shine a light on your SABOTEURS and we use CBT techniques to re-frame negative thinking. We rebuild CONFIDENCE, and cultivate a more positive MINDSET.


This is about OPTIMISING your schedules, setting stronger BOUNDARIES, building RESILIENCE and learning how to say no. Creating structures that support your WELLBEING and allow BALANCE in your life so that you can be effective in your role without burning out.



Regardless of the results that you generate for yourself,
my promise to you is that you will leave this programme having gained:

Greater clarity of thought, less overwhelm

Greater self-awareness

The space to work through problems and challenges at work

Optimised mindset that will set you up for success

An improved work/life balance

Greater confidence & self-belief

New ways of seeing the world that will bring you greater peace & contentment

Greater resilience and the ability to deal with uncertainty & change

Image by Jacqueline Munguía

“Helen is an amazing coach.  She is calm, caring, a great listener and so understanding.  She tailored each of our sessions to me and what I wanted to get out of them, and left space for me to express myself.  She also gave me extra nudges outside of the sessions to help me keep on track.  Helen has helped me reduce my anxiety and has been incredibly kind and supportive throughout the process. It has been such a valuable experience.”

– Eira, London