What can you expect if we work together?

If you decide to work with me, we will co-create a bespoke journey towards greater self-awareness, confidence and impact.  This might include:

Identifying and amplifying your strengths and talents

Image by Noah Näf
Image by Daoudi Aissa

Getting clear on your values and your purpose

Learning how to articulate your ideas and opinions without fear

Image by Júnior Ferreira
Image by Eunice De Guzman

Owning your achievements and using them to get what you deserve

Sending your inner critic packing

Image by Rene Böhmer
Image by Sammie Chaffin

Empowering you to step outside of your comfort zone and to be courageous in your ambitions

Developing confidence in public speaking

Image by Estée Janssens

Goal setting and future planning


“I immediately felt comfortable talking to Helen and trusted her.  The process allowed me to explore some deep rooted mindsets, which I feel often hold me back in life.  Helen’s approach encouraged me to challenge these thoughts and see them in a new light.  This revelation has enabled me to try and be kinder to myself by talking to myself in a more positive way. I have left the process feeling more positive and have already begun making changes in my life.” 

Gabby, from South-East London