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About Me

My favourite thing during 15 years working in PR and Communications across the creative industries, was helping people to get clarity in their messaging. To capture the essence of what they really wanted to say to the world about their idea, brand or product. Their values; their purpose; their WHY.

It was only when I discovered coaching many years later, that I realised the extent to which this applied to people too.  Self-awareness and conscious living really can make the difference between thriving and surviving.  ​

Like many people, most of my career was spent in a fast-paced always-on working culture. I got swept up in what others wanted, needed and thought, and never found the time to focus on what really mattered to me. Without a strong sense of my own values or priorities, I wasn’t able to manage my time or my energy effectively.  I tried to do it all, and ended up exhausted, sleepwalking through life, living task-to-task and day-to-day.

When I discovered coaching, I woke up to how I could have done things differently. I realised that I had far more power over my choices, my environment, my relationships and my success than I ever knew. The impossible became possible. 

I do believe that it’s possible for us to hold down a senior role and juggle a family, and follow our dreams, and light the world up with our brilliance.  But I think we need to start from a place of passion and purpose; we need to know what drives us and what will ultimately make us happy – and if we don’t know, we need to do the work to find out. 

I also believe in the benefits of having a coach; a wingman to support us when we’re dealing with difficult situations or people. A devil’s advocate to challenge our negative or judgemental thoughts.  A cattle prod to push us through our fears and into our greatness. We need help to keep us focused - to ensure that we don’t let life get in the way of living.

My mission is to help you cut through the clutter and bring focus to who you are and what you want out of your life and career. To open up the aperture and see new possibilities. To create more impact at work and feel more ease at home.

Imagine the difference that would make! Let’s have a chat and see how we can make the impossible possible in YOUR life.