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Personal branding and confidence coaching for people who don't like to self-promote


is this you?

You’re a deep thinker and you have exciting ideas that could really shake things up, but you struggle to make yourself heard amongst all the egos.

You are a respected and well-liked leader, but you don’t shout about your achievements, and sometimes you don’t get the credit you deserve for enabling your team to shine.   

Remote working has emphasised your anxieties around public speaking, and now you feel a sense of dread when called upon to stand up and speak out. 

You know you could be making more of an impact, but imposter syndrome looms large and you worry about what people might think. 

You recognise that there are different types of people in the world, but you worry that unless you pretend to be something that you’re not, you’ll never be able to achieve your goals or reach your potential.

If any of this rings true, then hear this:

Image by Brett Jordan


I'm Helen.

I am a qualified Transformational coach based in South East London. I help people who feel uncomfortable with self-promotion to strategise for their future and build the confidence needed to take bold, brave steps.  I offer a cool head and a warm heart, supporting them to step into their natural power as leaders and change-makers without getting crushed by others, improve their professional visibility and maximise their career prospects WITHOUT compromising their integrity.


What's a personal brand, and have I got one?

A personal brand is how we show up in the world.  

If ignored, it can affect our prospects at work; limit how high we can climb, and whether we are paid what we deserve.  It can affect the success of our business, or our ability to share our ideas and create meaningful change in the world. 

Nurtured, it is our best and most authentic self, reflected brightly in how we are perceived by others.

Image by Caroline Veronez

Jim Carrey

"Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world.  Risk being seen in all your glory."


how I can help

With 15 years’ experience in PR, profile building and brand strategy for individuals, companies and events, I specialise in helping people like you to:


  • Play bigger, step outside of your comfort zone

  • Become more visible for your achievements 

  • Chase that well-deserved promotion or pay-rise 

  • Build the confidence to speak up more in meetings or perform in public

  • Cope with toxic or overbearing personalities in the workplace

  • Feel braver and more assertive  

  • And to show up in the world as your best authentic self


What would it mean for you to have the confidence to share your ideas, own your achievements, reach for your goals without fear, and to be seen and heard for all that you are?

Image by Jonnelle Yankovich

Mike, from Malta

“Helen has proved to be much more than just a coach. She quickly built a rapport with me and her constructive style of approach enabled us to develop a bespoke pathway to suit my character and needs.  She was patient and understanding, allowing me to gain more insight into myself, and to build focus and direction.”


Free Discovery Call

Selecting the right coach for you is an important decision, and that's why I offer a complimentary discovery call so we can get to know one another before you commit.



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