Can't see the wood
for the trees?

Cut through the brain fog, find your focus and OWN your life both at work and at home.


Aperture Coaching

As an executive working in a high-pressure, fast-paced work environment, it's all to too easy to get caught up in the chaos of the day-to-day, and lose sight of what really matters.  

Your impact as a leader.

Your future.  

Your health.  

Your happiness. 

Aperture Coaching provides executive coaching programmes to help you cut through the clutter and focus on the bigger picture, so you can be more at ease with the present, and fully in control of your future.  

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Do you feel like life's living you?

Let's get you from surviving to thriving

  • Resource issues

  • Low team morale

  • Ongoing mental health issues

  • Adapting to hybrid working

  • Disconnection

  • Uncertainty

  • Change

  • Mental overload

If you're been dealing with any of these issues at work lately, chances are you're feeling pretty exhausted right now. It's hardly surprising. As a leader, you're not only managing your own stress; you're absorbing the fears and anxieties of all of those around you too.

Perhaps you're experiencing overwhelm, anxiety and low motivation. Maybe your confidence has taken a hit, or you're frustrated that you aren't quite making the impact that you know you could be.

I can help. My Executive Support Programme is designed to help you regain your energy, find your focus, and get back on track so that you can move from surviving to thriving in your role.  

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Are you gearing up for a step up?

Then let's elevate your career.

Are you frustrated that you’re not moving forwards? Perhaps you know you can make a greater impact, but there are areas that you need to work on in order to nail that next promotion.  Do you need to show more gravitas? Do you need to work on your personal brand and be more visible to the right people? Do you need to be more decisive, or develop a helicopter view so that you're not drowning in the detail? 

My Elevate programme will help you to foster the mindset, effectiveness and confidence that you need to take your career to the next level. 

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Or are you at a crossroads and you don't know what's next?

COVID was a jolt to the senses.  Were you one of the thousands left reeling, and wondering...

Is this the life that I want going forwards? 

Am I where I wanted to be?

Are the sacrifices that I make for work worth the impact on my family, health and happiness?

Have I achieved all that I set out to achieve? 

Does my company value me? 

Do I feel like I belong? 

Am I making enough of a contribution to the world?



If that sounds like you, my Reboot Programme could be the answer. It helps you to identify what you really want from your life and career so you can take decisive action towards a life that is rooted in passion and purpose.  


In an uncertain world, one thing's for sure...

Life is Short

If you're feeling exhausted and depleted sleepwalking through life, then the time is now. 

If you're feeling undervalued or frustrated and you want the world to sit up and take notice of you, then the time is now.

If what you're doing doesn't light you up, then the time is now. 

If you have a goal that's yet unrealised, then the time is now. 

The question is: are you ready to do something about it?



I'm Helen.

I help busy executives in fast-paced, high-pressure work environments to master their mindset, reassess their priorities and find their focus so that they can aim high without burning out. 

I spent 15 years working in PR across a variety of sectors within the creative industries before training and qualifying as a coach. 

Transformative coach, wing-man, cheerleader, devil’s advocate and cattle-prod; I’m here to help dissipate the fog, stand alongside you whilst you deal with your leadership challenges, work with you to brainstorm solutions, help you to prioritise yourself and your needs over all else, to work out what you truly want for your life and career, and to motivate you to go out and get it.

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“Helen is a wonderful, very attentive coach. By creating a warm and welcoming space during our coaching sessions, she’s helped me get clarity on my values, priorities and imagine a future where I could combine everything I love doing. I am now much more aware of some of my patterned behaviours, of my strengths and of areas I would like to feel more confident about. I’m very grateful for the work we’ve done together and for what she’s enabled me to unlock, making a huge difference in some projects I have been working on for a while.


Mylene - Publishing Director

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You owe it to yourself to live your best life.

And I'm here to help you do it.


Barack Obama

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time.  We are the ones we've been waiting for.  We are the change that we seek."



Curious? Want to know more? Drop me a line and I'll be happy to answer any questions that you might have. 

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